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To freely exercise the religion of Rastafari (according to but not limited to the first amendment to the United States of America, universal declaration of human rights) without burden, lawfully including but not limited to growing, using, administering, transporting, processing, distributing our only and un-substitutable holy sacrament kaneh-bosm (cannabis) and all parts, oils or products thereof among church members only, as a means of escaping the evils and troubles of illegal and legal (medical and recreational) cannabis problems. We accept donations and barter only and do not sell: To improve and maintain a healthy active endocannabanoid system without deficiencies. To be lawful and to encourage others to live according to the law [the mind of Jah as revealed in his word]; we are a {all denominational} religious and spiritual church, a collection of volunteers, of cannabis sacrament patrons, religious communities, family, friends, and faithful, together providing free sacrament without sales, funded by donations and barter only. All of our activities are done in private, as oppose in public, for the faithful. We are open to the whole of humanity, saving lives through our holy sacrament & "entheogen" kaneh-bosm. We are filing under duress and only to comply with the "attorney generals" expectations that the cannibis community comply with state law even though we as a church are EXEMPT. See

YOU MUST BE a Sincere and Bonafide RELIGIOUS ADULT to use this site!  Full restrictions, membership agreement and notices can be obtained in person at any of our locations *with identification proving 18+

(608) 423-6308 -Primary / 608) 515-2866  - Secondary

1440 East Washington Ave. Madison, WI

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